Install an Aquaponics Farming System in Your Backyard

Aquaponics system is based on the symbiotic production of vegetables and fish. Fish eat food and release metabolites or nutrients into the water which are further metabolized by bacteria. This Nitrogen cycle is then pumped into the plant grow beds which provide nourishment to the plants. Particularly suitable for environments with limited land and freshwater resources like the United Arab Emirates region because it gives six to ten times more vegetable yield with reduced intake of water  – about 1% of the freshwater used by traditional aquaculture.


Grow-beds types and constructions are important components of the Aquaponics farming:  these could be made of wood, plastics material supported by rafts. Stud-Pac cover every aspect of designing, building and constructing backyard greenhouses, installing commercial aquaponics farms to working closely with our customers in Dubai which have grown x10 times since we started operation in 2008. We provide consultancy on how to grow healthy fish and a wide range of leafy vegetable. If design and the type of plants and fish to be grown are not worked out properly it can lead to problems which our experts and consultants provide insight into.

Some of the best practices followed at the Stud-Pac Aquaponics farm are world class and managed by trained experts.

Some of Operational and Research and Development Centre “Best practices” help us bring the best result for our customers. Salient points when planning and designing an Aquaponics farm at aquaculture farm at Dubai are enumerated below:

  • Plants require light of about 30,000 lux for photosynthesis. It is a good practice to use light meters to ensure the same when direct sunlight is not available.
  • To protect the vegetables from insects, birds, and rodents, it is best to install an aquaponics system in a climatically adapted structure such as a greenhouse with about six hours of sunlight.
  • We recommend Placing of Fish Tanks is critical to ensure gravity assisted water pump and also sufficient shade to inhibit the grow of algae which will use up the nutrients.
  • Regulate the feeding of fish to satiety level to ensure nutrients extraction level to high level.
  • Nitrate nitrogen level needs to be maintained higher than (>15 mg/L) and metering to find the low spots.
  • Amongst the most methods used Stud-Pac finds that use of trickle gravel system is most efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Stud-Pac employs organic certifications for their produce at reasonable costs.
  • Maintain adequate levels of water in the fish tank at all times with a balanced pH level of under 7.2 pH.
  • Feed your fish a high-protein fish feed each day and provide adequate human contact and sounds help in their moods.
  • Top class 24/7 aeration provided for the fish at all times with bubbles is maintained.
  • Controlled water temperature level in the fish tank of – 78 degrees to 80 degrees F.
  • The process of plant seeds into start medium and after a few weeks they are moved into grows tables.

Author: studpac

Studpac Aquatic Solutions seem to be one of the most popular Aquaculture, Hydroponics and Aquaponics company in Dubai that specialize in designing and delivering the best backyard and school aquaponics systems.

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